St. Vincent de Paul's Mission
for Our Future
Capital Campaign FAQ

Why are we doing this?

We have 1,700 parishioners and 686 families and we need space to grow ministries and fellowship in the church and the school. New folks aren’t joining and people are leaving because we are not meeting their needs with programs that other area churches are providing.

Have we done a feasibility study?

The focus group meetings were just that, the readiness assessment / feasibility study. The feedback we got from the focus groups told us that we have enough support to go forward.

How can we afford this?

It will mean sacrificial giving on everyone’s part. Think about the sacrifice made to build the church and school originally. When people say “it can’t be done” Think about what Jesus said about moving mountains or David did when faced with Goliath.

How can this “heal” the parish?

A similar church in Louisville succeeded with the same type of campaign and it brought the church together. For more information, read Bob Kostin’s testimonial.

Will the Parish Life Center make money?

Yes, there are many activities that we estimate could generate $200,000 a year.

Isn’t the Church more important?

The church and school are equally important for future growth of the body of Christ. By meeting the needs of all parishioners and even non-Catholics, the new buildings will bring the parish together in unity as we provide for all.

Why the narthex? Is it two-story?

It provides a one-story place for fellowship out of the sanctuary and also out of any adverse weather outside. Snacks and coffee can be offered after church. It would also include restrooms, a new soundproof Adoration Chapel, a place for wedding dressing rooms, meeting space for speakers, a cry room, and space for holiday overflow.

Will there be a door to the K of C Garden?

Yes, the glass walkway to the church will have a door to the garden.

Will there be more parking?

All parking lost due to construction will be replaced with a new parking lot. Additional spaces could be created next to the convent garage, by the new SVdP Society, or across I street. All viable options are being considered, but Bell Cleaners is not a viable option at this time.

Will there be more restrooms?

Yes, they will be in the Narthex, by the school entrance and in the Parish Life Center.

What will the exterior of the new building look like?

They will match the exterior of the church, and all buildings will have a low profile so as not to draw attention away from the church.

Will the improvements generate income?

Yes, we estimate that with just a few paying functions each year, we can add $200,000 annually to our operating budget. This could solve our maintenance budget problems.

We are about half way through that campaign and that has laid the foundation, by paying for the architectural renderings, consultant fees, and Archdiocesan fees. Now we are building on that foundation to realize the new vision. We need to add $4 Million through this new campaign extension to realize the dream. Future pledge payments will remain in the parish bank account for use on this project.

Is this just extending my current pledge?

The need is for $4 million. We’ll be asking for a new pledge in addition to your current pledge, but how you pledge is your decision. We hope you’ll extend your pledge another three to five years and increase it too. It will take sacrificial giving to reach the goal. Each parishioner needs to give his or her investment prayerful consideration as we consider our part in this re-birth of the body of Christ here at St. Vincent de Paul.

What if we don’t get the pledges,
what is Plan B?

The parish will decide on the next step, if that time comes.

How will non-Catholics be surveyed?

They were identified, invited to our focus group meetings, and added to our visitor list. They will be asked for a pledge.

Will the Archdiocese take a percentage?

No, the new money goes in our account. They will be our bankers and pay interest on our investments. All future pledge payments will remain in the parish account.

Will the Archdiocese provide funding?

No, this is our campaign, and our success or failure depends on us.

Are we considering loans?

Not at this time, as we don’t want to use loans. However, if we raise 50% of the goal, the diocese will loan us the balance, if needed. We don’t want to repeat what the Baptist church did by raising 25% and borrowing 75%.

What are contractor fees?

These fees are charged by the general contractor for supervision and oversight of the project.

What are contingency fees?

They are charges that allow for changes in conditions and in equipment needs. They also are included anticipating inflation.

Why the endowment?

It pays for operation, maintenance, insurance, and utility costs of the new facilities.

How many new classrooms?

Two new classrooms are included in the plan. Two additional rooms vacated by the administrative offices can be used for small classrooms or science or art labs. Additional rooms are located on the sides of the raised platform that can be used for music rooms.

Are two classrooms enough?

Two are enough to serve our current needs; more can be added in the future as our needs grow.

What about staffing?

No additions are planned.

What is the effect of continuing the use of trailers?

It is cost prohibitive to continue to use the trailers due to their age; maintenance and utility expense are too high.

What about school remodeling & security?

The costs are included in the plan. The administrative offices will be moved to the entrance of the school, ensuring better oversight of students and visitors.

What about the St. Vincent de Paul Store?

It will occupy about 2,400 square feet under the Parish Life center and will have its own parking spaces.

What about office space?

No changes are currently planned but if this becomes important, changes can be added.

What about handicapped accessibility?

Yes, handicapped accessible ramps will be provided at the Narthex, side entrance, and school. An elevator is planned for the Parish Life Center.

What about a new cafeteria?

The cost is estimated to be $153,000. A cafeteria could be phased in later, but it is not now in the plan.

What about the organ?

A special collection was taken in 2007 to repair the roof and the organ. Funds are available and we are working currently with contractors to have the repairs done.

Will there be a new Sacristy?


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