Prayer Requests


Jed Zumhingst (Geri Daugherty’s brother) - continuing health issues (St. Vincent’s)

David - continued prayers for incurable cancer ***** PLEASE LEAVE ON INDEFINITELY

Special intention - man with very serious health issues ***** PLEASE LEAVE ON INDEFINITELY

Special intention - woman with serious health issues *****Please leave on indefinitely*******

Bob K. - very serious health issues (St. Vincent's). ***** PLEASE LEAVE ON INDEFINITELY

Catherine P - severely broken foot ******* Please leave on indefinitely***********

Bill M - serious chronic health issues *****Keep on indefinitely*****

Russ (Mary Jane’s husband) - leukemia


Clayton J. - colon cancer (not a parishioner)


Dan C.   - Cancer of lymph nodes (not a parishioner)


Michael H  - leukemia (St. Mary)


Judy  S. - diagnosed with colon cancer, treatment undetermined at this point (unsure if parishioner)


Mason - 8 year old diagnosed with cancer


Steve - cancer


Cindy - brain tumor

Robin C- diagnosed with cervical cancer

Jim - acute leukemia

Kenny B- neck and lymph node cancer (not a parishioner)

Jim W - brain tumor (not a parishioner)

Charles - cancer

Special intention - 13 year old with cancer

Emily - mother of 3 diagnosed with rare cancer, starting chemo and radiation

Special Intention - Yolanda Roe's 94 year old sister  *********PLEASE LEAVE ON INDEFINITELY

Greyson B. - cancer with labs at a critical level

Melanie - stage 4 liver cancer

Brenda - healing from cancer

Debbie M. - cancer has returned 

Justin R. - 12 year old with cancer (not a parishioner)

Doug C. - cancer has returned (not a parishioner)

Roberta M.- 2nd round of chemo (St. Vincent)

Jason K.  - cancer (St. Vincent)

Debbie and Jon - married couple both diagnosed with cancer


Fr. Bob - cancer (not a parishioner)

Bridget A.- ovarian cancer, starting last 3 rounds of chemo (not a parishioner)

Ron H - chemo for cancer

Noah - little boy with brain tumor

Special intention - infant diagnosed with leukemia

Nicole G. - severely injured in car accident

Gloria D.- stage 4 cancer (not a parishioner)

Frank and Grace S- special intention 

Janet C. - lung cancer (not a parishioner)

Dennis - brain surgery

Shelly - in accident, poor prognosis

Joe H - declining health

Mary Ann - in hospice

Olivia - leukemia

Jack M - heart attack

Jeanie - pancreatic cancer


Robert H - in accident and on life support

Ron K - serious health issues and spreading cancer

Amber - mastectomy

Pat - surgery for cancer 

Special intention - man with cancer that has metastasized to lungs

Ryan - liver failure needs transplant

Russ - stage 4 cancer

Bill T  and wife - stage 4 lung cancer

Bonnie - in ICU with congestive heart failure and pneumonia

Michael G - organ and bone damage from excessive cancer treatments:  Prayers for healing

Special intention - man battling cancer

Ed C - stroke, in serious condition 

Special intention - someone with gall bladder cancer

Barb T - cancer

Johnny - incarcerated, heart failure

Michelle C - cancer

Rachel - tests, possible cancer

Linda  - waiting for lung transplant 

Angela J - on life support from complication from asthma (St. Vincent)

Debbie S - cancer and MRSA (relative of parishioner)

Joel R - prayers for sleep and relief from addiction

Connie - chemo beginning 8/29, healing and prayers for family 

Special intention - woman with cancer and prayers for her family

Lindy - breast cancer, prayers for continued healing 

Special intention - couple going through divorce

Frank B - for a peaceful passing and for his family 

Chuck S - hit by drunk driver while riding bike

Ron C - tests this week for serious health issues

Jan L - prayers for continued recovery (St. Vincent)

December - cancer

James D - heart surgery (St. Mary)

Haley - serious health issues

Sophia B - serious health issues

Kay M - health issues

Joe M - pray for a peaceful death

Rachel - multiple health issues

Larry B - quick recovery and healing

Lucy - biopsy

James - serious chronic issues

Ralph E - in hospice

Donnie and Wendy - sideswiped while on motorcycle, injured

Hunter - colon cancer

Special intention - woman trying to buy a home

Special intention - peaceful death for a woman who is dying

Kendra - healing for ankle 

Special intention - man with dementia, not eating or drinking well, prayers for him and his caregiver

Vicki G - issues with hand and arm (former St. Mary

Cathy C - pancreatic cancer - stage 4

Karis - prayers for a safe and healthy pregnancy (due in February) - **Please leave on indefinitely**

Nicole and Chris - safe delivery of baby

Sarah - unemployment and health issues

Joyce - health and healing 

John - health issues

Kim - diagnosed with Guilliam-Barre disease, pray for successful treatment and remission

Matt - seizures

Wade - cancer

Don - cancer, prayers for peaceful death

Abby - double lung transplant

Jason and Tonya - in motorcycle accident

Barb - special intention 

Mary Jo - surgery for cancer

Debbie - health issues

Ava - 1 year old with leukemia

Special intention - firefighters and all who live around the fires in California

Eileen O - health issues

Sierra and her 2 month old baby - in car accident 

Drew W - healing 

Mary Ann S - surgery 11/5

George - seizures

Ted - health issues

Family, friends, and repose of the soul of Caitlin Chaillaux - passed away

Gary - health issues

Cole - prayers to come back to the church

Carla - relief from back pain

Gavyn - to make good decisions, for healing

Theresa - healing of body, mind, and spirit

Connie - hospitalized with surgery complications 

Bev - treatments for multiple myeloma

Family, friends, and repose of the soul of Gilbert Mata - passed away 

Family, friends, and repose of the soul of Lorrie Dunday - passed away 

Family, friends, and repose of the soul of Evan Brown - passed away

Special intention - man with stage 4 cancer

Jasmine - to get the help she needs 

Special intention - all those who struggle

Special intention - 11 year old, his sister, and his grandma who is raising them

Ashlie - surgery today for successful surgery and recovery 

Lawson - 4 year old with cerebral palsy having surgery to prevent seizures

Special intention - woman who is seriously ill in the Phillipines and her daughter who is in the US

Connie - recovery from surgery

Angela - tumor, having surgery Nov. 20

Peggy - needs surgery

Special intenion - young boy at Riley

Family, friends, and repose of the soul of Phillip Deer - passed away 

Special intention - anyone hurt in the accident on Hwy 37



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