Come Home

Have you been asking questions like these? 
  • What’s missing in my spiritual life? 

  • Am I missing something by not going to Mass and practicing my Catholic Faith? 

  • I’ve been away from the Church for so long I wonder whether it’s too late to return? 

  • So much has changed since I went to Church. How will I ever get caught up? 

  • I’m not sure I agree with everything the Church teaches. 

  • I’ve made so many mistakes. Will the Church really welcome me back? 

  • I was hurt by someone in the Church. How would returning to the Church help me? 


If you’ve been wondering about these, or similar questions, you may be hearing God calling you back to the active practice of your Catholic faith. We can help you come back to the Church.


We miss you. 


God is always waiting for us, he never grows tired.– Pope Francis


Every practicing Catholic is a gift to the Church community. As long as there are non-practicing Catholics, the Church is incomplete.




We welcome all inactive Catholics to return to the faith so we can support and strengthen one another and the Church. Consider the following: 


  • God’s gift of faith strengthens us and helps us to live as members of the Body of Christ—the Church. The Church is made up of unique individuals, each with his or her own gifts to share. In turn, the gifts of the church community strengthen and support the whole. We need each other. 


  • It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been away from the Church. Your return will bring tremendous joy to God! Through His grace, your faith can deepen and grow like never before. 


  • The Catholic faith is rich in its teachings and tradition. Even the most scholarly among us does not know everything. Learning about our Church and our faith is a lifelong process that can be enriched by adult formation classes and personal study. Anyone concerned that they need to catch up will feel right at home with other Catholics. 


  • The teachings of the Church provide guidance and help us to know, love, and serve God so that one day we may be united with Him forever in heaven. If you have questions about Church teaching, we invite you to speak with a priest or other knowledgeable person. 


  • The Church teaches that Jesus is our Savior; He came not to condemn, but to save. In the sacrament of penance, or reconciliation, Christ forgives all our sins, strengthens us spiritually, and restores us to a state of grace. 


  • The Church is made up of imperfect people with human problems and issues. If you have been hurt by clergy or any church member, in any way, we ask your forgiveness. We believe that healing can be found in the sacraments and through the compassionate support of our faith community. 


  • You may have questions about your faith or the Catholic Church that have not been addressed here. If you would like to discuss these or other topics more fully, a parish representative will be happy to talk with you.

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