Please contact Deacon Dave for more information or to schedule a baptism.   

The following information provides requirements needed to have a person under the age of seven baptized at St. Vincent DePaul, Bedford or St. Mary of the Assumption, Mitchell.  The parents of the child to be baptized are required to: 

  1. Contact Deacon Dave identifying their interest in having their child baptized. 

  2. Be registered in one of the Catholic Community of Lawrence County parishes.  In the event that the parent(s) are not a member of the Catholic Community of Lawrence County, we require a letter from their registered parish which verifies that they are active Catholics and are in good standings with the Church, and that their current Parish Priest gives his permission for his parishioner to be baptized at one of the churches in the Catholic Community of Lawrence County.   

  3. Attend a Baptismal Preparation Class.  If the parents have attended a previous Baptismal Preparation Class they are not required to attend another one.  If the class was attended outside of the Catholic Community of Lawrence County they will need to provide a proof of attendance from the person or the church that they had attended the previous class. 

  4. Complete an Infant Baptism Registration Form.  The form may be obtained by contacting either of the parish offices or the form can be filled out at the Baptismal Preparation Class. 

  5. Make a commitment of raising their child in the faith.  Both parents whether Catholic or non-Catholic are required to make a commitment to raise their child in the faith.  If there is something that we find that needs attention to adjust, correct, or complete, then the baptism of the child may be delayed until the situation is resolved. 

  6. Choose two qualified Godparents.  It is customary in the Catholic Church to have one Godmother and one Godfather.  A Godparent must be at least 16 years old and must have received a Trinitarian baptism and are active in their faith community.  One Godparent must be a fully sacramental Catholic having previously received the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and is receiving the Eucharist.  If married, the Catholic Godparent(s) must have been married with the blessings of the Catholic Church.  In the event that the Catholic Godparent(s) are not a member of the Catholic Community of Lawrence County, we require a letter from their current parish they are registered in verifying that they are active Catholic(s) in good standings with the Church and that they are qualified to be Godparent(s).    




Exceptions to the above requirements can be made depending on the situations especially for an emergency such as danger of death.  The above requirements can sometimes be complicated, so if you have questions or concerns contact Deacon Dave or Father Rick. 


Normally, baptism(s) are scheduled on the third Sunday of the month after Mass.  Fr. Rick Eldred is scheduled to perform the baptisms on the odd numbered months while Dcn. Dave Reising is scheduled to perform the baptisms on the even number months. 


Contact either at 812.275.6539.

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